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  • Sleazy Sleepwear Hood for Horses

    Need a less expensive way to train your horse's mane? Try the “Original”  patented Sleazy Sleeper. It is made from stretch knit polyester, that is very resistant to abrasion. The Sleazy Sleeper trains the mane and helps keep it clean. It covers the head and neck and ends at the top of the shoulders. This hood does requires a sheet or blanket for attachment at the withers. Comes in solid colors or print.

  • Classic ®The Heat Headin' Rope

    Manufacturer: Equibrand Corp Model: HEAT330

    The Heat is the next generation four strand technology from Classic® Rope. Made from a blend of custom fibers and intricate twists, The Heat has set a new standard in rope feel and performance. Designed for today's aggressive roping styles, The Heat provides a loop that is packed with body. Even in forced situations, the tip remains ahead of the swing for a more controlled and confident delivery. Lightweight and built for performance, The Heat is built to take punishment. Run after run, it maintains its original, snappy feel.

  • Purina® Catfish 32 Floating Food

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina® Catfish 32 Floating Food is complete and balanced nutrition for full range of pond fish.  Excellent for catfish, bluegill, minnows and carp. 50 lb.

  • Purina® RangeLand 38 Hi - E Tub

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 1800033-633

    RangeLand Protein Tubs are a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets providing less than 8% protein. The low moisture, cooked molasses products in biodegradable fiber or non-returnable plastic containers will enhance intake and utilization of available forages, while reducing labor for producers.

  • CURT Channel-Mount Forged Pintle and Ball #45919

    Manufacturer: Curt Manufacturing


    Fits lunette rings with 2-1/2 IN or 3 IN inside diameter eye
    Changeable ball with a hard chrome surface

    Includes safety pin

  • High Octane® Showpig Paylean® Show Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Cutting edge nutrition for the ultimate show look. Highly palatable, power-packed ingredients to unleash your show pig's full potential! Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina Nurse Chow 200 Milk Replacer

    Nurse Chow 200 Milk Replacer is a high quality milk replacer formulated with soy protein isolate and milk protein ingredients (22% protein and 12% fat)

  • Original M-T-G

    Original M-T-G treats a variety of skin problems quickly and easily with results seen as soon as a day after the very first application. Original M-T-G successfully treats the following conditions: rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. It has been touted to work on thrush and white line disease.

  • Purina® Amplify High-Fat Supplement for Horses

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 30 lb. pail

    A high-fat, controlled starch nugget for weight gain, performance, shine and bloom. Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat for weight gain, conditioning, competition, showing and sales preparation. Also appropriate for stallions and gestating and lactating mares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina® Free Balance® 12:12 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    The added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet. Available as a palatable granular mineral or block. Formulated for horses on a pasture or hay-only diet and those with increased nutritional needs, such as growing horses and broodmares. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Purina Mills 25N Protein Tub

    Manufacturer: Purina

    RangeLand Protein Tubs are a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets providing less than 8% protein. The low moisture, cooked molasses products in biodegradable fiber or non-returnable plastic containers will enhance intake and utilization of available forages, while reducing labor for producers.

  • Rangeland Stress Tub

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Rangeland Stress tub is a highly fortified tub, which provides elevated levels of nutrients your cattle require in stressed situations or more demanding times such as calving and breeding.

  • Purina Mills Wind & Rain AS4 Mineral Tub

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Beef cattle minerals in a cooked molasses tub that is designed to correct the mineral deficiencies of the available forage in a highly palatable, weather resistant form. This line of minerals is designed for cow/calf and seedstock operators that need a free-choice mineral supplement to assure that their cattle are getting the proper levels and ratios of all of the 14 essential minerals cattle need for health, growth and reproduction.

  • Pre-Vent Feeder Standard Feeder- While Supplies Last

    Manufacturer: Pre-Vent Feeders

    The patent pending design of the Pre-Vent® Feeder slows horses' feeding, reduces the risk of choke and minimizes feed waste.  The Standard Pre-Vent Feeder is designed to imitate a horse's natural grazing behavior and offers the benefits of the original Pre-Vent Feeder in a smaller size.

    *While Supplies Last*

  • BMI Layer 16

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    When it comes to your laying hens, we've got it covered. We provide balanced minerals and protein for delicious eggs and healthy chicks.

  • BMI Beef Finisher

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    When it's time to put the final finish on your beef cattle, let our high energy feed do the work for you! Recommended for the last 100 days on feed.

  • BMI Lamb Grower 16

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    This textured, medicated lamb feed helps protect against urinary calculi and coccidia for a healthy, growing lamb. The results are in the bag!

  • BMI 14-4 Show Ration

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    Boasting several class and carcass wins, our show feed really does rise above the competition. Using quality ingredients, including a Purina inclusion product for easily digestible energy, we can help you reach the winner's circle.

  • BMI Goat Ration

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    From pets to nannies, this textured ration will give your goats the nutrition they need to thrive.

  • BMI Grower Ration

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    A great feed for growing beef cattle, or even starting your show prospects. With 13 percent protein and 3.5 percent fat, this feed is formulated to pack on the muscle, without too much cover.

  • BMI Horse Charge

    Manufacturer: Burling Mills

    Our equine textured sweet feed, formulated 14 percent protein ration for maintenance, lactation, and work. Includes a Purina inclusion ingredient for balanced, high quality nutrition.

  • Country Acres Cat Food

    Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

    Country Acres® Cat Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profile for all life stages. Increase or decrease the serving size according to your cat’s size, weight, and activity level to maintain optimum body weight.

  • High Octane® Heavy Weight™ Topdress

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 3000374-112

    HIGH OCTANE® Heavy Weight™ supplement is designed to be fed as a supplement to the base feeding program. Mix HIGH OCTANE® Heavy Weight™ supplement into daily feed at the rates below to provide supplemental energy, essential amino acids, to help aid in palatability, and to provide essential fatty acids for skin and hair quality. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Classic® Rope - Powerline 4

    Manufacturer: Classic Ropes

    The Powerline4 combines four strand construction with the feel and handle of our best selling blended rope, the MoneyMaker®.

  • AntlerMax® Deer 20 w/ Climate Guard

    Manufacturer: Purina Wildlife Model: 59SB

    Our most popular 20%-protein pelleted ration designed to support the deer’s natural forage diet. Specifically formulated for what free range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance and antler growth. Now with twice the amount of our proprietary AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein Technology* which helps deliver high concentrations of amino acids needed by the growing antler. Also contains our proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral Technology including organic trace minerals for replenishing depleted bone material stores used during antler mineralization. Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information on this and other products.